11 * Fragen : David Lurey

* Who are you?
David Lurey. American born (1973) with long reaching branches and now based in Palma de Mallorca as the perfect Yogi Hide-away.

* How Yoga came into your life?
While working at a corporate hotel as a manager and an employee said he needed a beginner for a practice test in his teacher training!

* Why is it still there?
Because I am (still here) .

* "Packing my suitcase" – three things you won't miss on a journey?
Hair conditioner, tongue scraper & Floww (anti-radio wave / grounding device) 

* "Three songs I love" – your current music or alltime faves for Intro, Flow, Shavasana ... or generally …?
Anything by Kareem Raîhani, Jai Uttal, Praful, and … Roots Reggae, Hippy Folk or songs with inspiring words & melody. My most recent release has 
those :)

* A mantra that you like to listen to, sing oder meditate?
When I sing kirtan is mostly when mantra is present with me … and that changes often based on my moods. But I always find time for: Thank you. I Love you. 

* After a stressful day – your short program for calming down?
Yin Yoga at home after something warm & yummy to eat. 

* What inspires you – for your yoga, your life?
My family, my teachers, my students and a deep burning inside to inspire health and vitality in the world that seems to keep burning strongly. 

* If meditation could beam you to special place, what would it be?
The land of Rainbow’s & Unicorns, of course! 

* The yoga world is now full of various hypes – what is really important for you about yoga?
That it keeps the balance in the practice as well as in life. Asana practice is required, but not to rigid extremes. Meditation and Mindfulness must be present with the intention that they support life and have Joy present when there is effort. Also, that the teaching come from an authentic place of personal experience on and off the mat for what is being taught … for teachers to realize we are just supporting our students in awakening themselves and not to take "too much" credit for guiding people towards healing themselves. 

* "Love, love, love" – a word, sentence, poem at the end?
We are all made of star dust.

Regenbögen, Einhörner und Sternenstaub ... passender konnte das Interview mit David nicht sein :) Ich fand es sehr lieb, dass er sich die Zeit trotz vielen Terminen genommen hat, meine nicht wenigen Fragen zu beantworten und wer mehr über diesen sympathischen Mann und wunderbaren Sänger erfahren möchte, kann auf seiner Internetseite findbalance stöbern! Danke, David!